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 Isle Of Jura Paps The Sacred Mountain  15year  46%

Isle Of Jura Paps The Sacred Mountain

Category: Island Whisky

Age: 15year


Alcohol by Volume: 46%

Distiller: Distillery

Distiller notes:
- Beinn Shiantaidh - The Sacred Mountain. The name of this peak is derived from local rumours that it hides the remains of the Lords of the Isles. Colour: Warm and glowing with subtle hints of ripe barley. Nose: Fresh and appealing with nuances of tangerine and spice. The floral aromas are at the heart of the bouquet where the scents of rose petals, hyacinths and honeysuckle are fused together in perfect harmony. Taste: Take a generous measure and slowly add a small trickle of cool still water. Hold it long in the mouth to unlock its delightful hidden secrets. Soft chewy caramel, fudge, Madeira cake and ripe apples have been lovingly blended together. Finish: Barolo is more commonly known as ‘The Wine of Kings’. A lofty status equalled only by that of our own Sacred Mountain.

The house style for the Isle Of Jura distillery is: Piney, lightly oily, soft, salty. Aperitif.

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